We’re currently exploring offering 12 different trips. Among the top for 2016 is:

  • Overland Expo West, Mormon Lake, Arizona/Mighty 5 of Utah
  • Colorado High-country Adventure
  • North Carolina Surf n’ Turf or Uwharrie and the American Adventurist
  • Appalachian Rendezvous, Outer Banks, and Overland Expo East

Please let us know what interests you by by contacting us at info@northamericanexpeditions.com.

We are also exploring opportunities for the following trips.

  • Whipsaw Trail in southern British Columbia, Canada
  • Black Bear Pass, Colorado
  • Death Valley, California
  • Moab, Utah
  • Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail, British Columbia
  • Morrison Jeep Trail, Wyoming
  • Rubicon Trail, California
  • Louis and Clark Trail, North Dakota
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes U.P., Michigan

“We were in the Arabian Desert for nine months. And I was having the time of my life. It could have been an archaeological expedition, or a military expedition.”

~ Peter O’Toole