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Driving off-highway in rugged terrain is performance driving. We will help you develop the skills you need.


We collaborate with off road outfitters and custom shops to provide vehicle packages to meet your needs.


12 different trips. 12 different ways to experience North America like you never have before. And more…

North American Expeditions, along with internationally recognized training and recovery specialists provide expert training in locations and times convenient to you.

We are consultants and not retailers, but we are coupled with equipment suppliers and fabricators in the OHV industry to meet your specific gear needs or vehicle requirements.

Finally, we are allied with on-line forums and social media to provide you the most contemporary information on all aspects of this community, and web-based lifestyle magazines to inspire you.


We offer professional 4WD training, personal consultation for overland vehicle-dependent travel, and adventure travel in some of the most rugged and scenic destinations in North America. We are networked with some of the leading 4WD training, adventure vehicle fabricators, back country explorers, and aftermarket vehicle equipment outfitters and manufacturers in the United States.


Tread Lightly. It’s more than protecting the environment.

Tread LightlyTread lightly is more than protecting the environment. “Respect the Rights of Others” includes considering the safety of others as well. “Educate Yourself” goes beyond the scope of etiquette and laws governing environmental impact. Are you familiar with the term “trundling”? I wasn’t but some recent events have brought that term to my attention. …